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Tintype studio

Authentic Photos created on Metal plates

with an original tintype camera from the 1800’s.

What are Tintype Photos?


Tintype photos are one of the oldest forms of photography. It was invented in 1851 and utilized metal plates before photographic paper was created. Chemicals and silver nitrate powder were adhered to the plate to make it photosensitive. Many photographers in the late 1800’s, and particularly the Civil War era used this method.

About Me

My first interest in the photographic process began at 16 when my father bought me my first film camera. I learned how to develop from a friend of mine. He knew a detective at the police station and we developed in the darkroom between mugshots. I eventually built my own crude dark room in the basement of my parent’s house. Fast forward during the digital age, I became bored with the modern process. I then became fascinated with old metal photos depicting civil war soldiers and family photos of the late 1800's. I bought an original tintype antique camera from 1891 and have been in love with the process ever since.

The Camera

Your photo plate will be taken by

and original Tintype camera made by Rochester

Optical Company in the 1880’s.

Tintype Prices

4” x 5” —— $45

5” x 7” —— $65

PrIce includes PHOTO , One hour tintype experience ,

Heirloom Shelac Protection, Certificate of authenticity

and Protective Box.

Commercial | Concept, Rendering, Execution | Completed Jul 2025


Call or email Mark to schedule your tintype experience

and get an authentic metal plate photo at my home

studio in North Kingstown, RI.

Phone: 401-440-3799


“ You dont take a photograph, you make it “

-Ansel Adams